4 Primary Benefits of Installing Screens on Your Gutters

One of the last items on most people’s outdoor to-do list is gutter cleaning. Cleaning gutters is a time-consuming and physically demanding task. You can reduce the frequency of how often you have to clean your gutters by installing gutter guards. Gutter screens or guards can also help protect your gutters from damage, keep critters out of your gutters and even improve the quality of your rainwater collection system.

#1 Reduce Gutter Cleaning Frequency

One of the most significant benefits of installing screens over your gutters is, with gutter screens in place, you will not have to clean out your gutters as frequently as you have in the past.

Gutter screens are uniquely designed to keep waste, such as leaves, out of your gutters. With less waste getting into your gutters, you will be able to reduce how often you clean out your gutters.

When you do clean your gutters, you will no longer have to scoop out sludge. Instead, all you will need to do is wipe away the debris that has accumulated on the top of the screens. You should also make sure that the screens are still securely in place when you clean them off.

Certain types of screens can reduce your cleaning schedule even more. For example, reverse curve gutter guards slope downwards so that leaves fall off the guards and don’t get stuck on top of them. Nylon gutter guards prevent snow from freezing and clogging up your gutters. Foam gutter guards block large pieces of waste from getting into your gutters.

#2 Keep Critters out of Your Gutters

All the debris inside of your gutters is a perfect food source for a variety of pests. Pests as varied as squirrels, mice and ants like to feast on all the food that gets left behind in your gutters.

Installing gutter guards over your gutters will prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in the first place, which will help keep the critters away. Additionally, gutter guards will close off easy access points, further helping protect them from critters.

#3 Protect Your Gutters From Damage

Gutter guards can also extend the life of your existing gutters. Your gutters will experience less weight and strain when they are debris-free.

With gutter screens in place, your gutters will not get weighted down with debris, which would put a strain on the fascia brackets that hold your gutters together. When the fascia brackets are strained, your gutters can come loose from your home.

If you have gutters that have slip connectors that attach the pieces together, debris can also strain these brackets. Enough debris can cause the slip connectors on your gutter to malfunction, causing your gutters to come apart.

With gutter guards in place, your gutters are far less likely to experience broken or damaged fascia brackets and slip connectors.

#4 Improve Rainwater Collection System

If you have a rainwater collection system set-up, installing screens over your gutters can improve your system. Screens will keep debris out of your rainwater, making your rain water cleaner. Debris in your rainwater can reduce the quality of the water that you collect.

Screens will also increase the flow of water through your gutters. Water will no longer get stopped by waste in your gutters. Water can move more freely through your gutters to your collection system, and you will be able to collect the maximum amount of water from your gutters.

You don’t need to install new gutters to enjoy the benefits of gutter guards. Gutter guards can be installed over your current gutter set-up. The professionals at Burke’s Roofing can help you choose the right gutter screens for your home.